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Sam Paymaster

samI have been passionate about music from an early age. I watched TOTP in the early 70’s and watched it right up to the time that it was pulled off the airwaves. I started playing the drums when I was in my early teens and have always to this day very passionate about drums and the hardware.

I still follow the charts every week and still feel to this day that the Top 40 is very important in measuring the nation’s taste. Including downloads in the last few years was paramount to the importance of the Top 40.

In the late 80’s, I was in a band with my good friend Parag Shah and two other guys Steve and Jon. Together we were called Diverse Fx. We came up with the name due to our musical influences being a fusion of different genres; electronic, dance, rock & soul.

I also was involved with Parag’s record label Power Potion records where I was a talent scout.

I have an extensive knowledge on previous artists, what labels they were on, who produced who and who has done collaborations.

My first purchase was in 1976, a 7 inch single of Boogie Night by Heatwave. Ever since that great day, I have continually bought records and CD’s.

I have won several competitions, buying various CD’s, won a exclusive hang out with Vanilla Ice through Capital radio and won a signed copy of Lisa Stansfield’s debut album.

I am very fond of radio and have owned a DAB radio for many years and love the clarity and choice of excellent radio stations that the UK offers, arguebly the best radio stations in the world.

I have also worked for Polydor Records in the late 80’s which I enjoyed very much.

Although I do have a MP3 player, I am very passionate about records and compact discs and still purchase them rather than downloading from legal sites I might add!

I had never seen anything like it and was blown away by the sheer talent of normal people who make music. It shows how times have changed, quite a few years ago if you were an up and coming music maker, you would send your demo to a record company and if they liked it that was good, if they didn’t that was game over.

I naturally possess the passion, the knowledge and the interest in the industry and love nothing more than talking to people like Parag about trends, styles, genres and new innovations.

Somebody once said to me “What is your ideal job?” I told them to work for a music organisation, working with talented artists and helping them fulfil their dreams.

Drumming is my passion and I totally freak out on it. Its been several decades now and I absolutely love it. Check out my video for some exclusive drumming! Enjoy!